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Reviewing Augie’s French Dining Experience

Augie’s French Restaurant offers an experience that transcends the ordinary meal out. It’s not every day that one stumbles upon a gem that perfectly combines atmosphere, service, and culinary excellence (Especially in Sonoma County). My recent visit to Augie’s, however, was one rare occasion.

The Ambiance

From the moment you step in, Augie’s feels like an upscale dining experience. The ambiance felt sophisticated, creating an environment that felt like a special occasion. It’s evident that every detail, from the lighting to the decor, has been thoughtfully curated to enhance your dining pleasure.

The Service

Exceptional service is the backbone of any great restaurant, and Augie’s did a good job even on a busy Valentine’s Day. The staff paid attention to detail and promptness added layers of comfort and satisfaction to our evening, making us feel both valued and well cared for.

The Culinary Experience

We began with a couple of signature drinks – the Brooklyn and the Aviation. The Brooklyn, a whiskey-base, and the Aviation, a gin concoction with a sweet twist and a foamy top, set everything off well. Both drinks were not only as expected but also showcased the bartender’s skill in blending flavors.

Appetizers to Remember

  • Ants on a Log: A modern take on escargot, paired with bone marrow. The combination was amazing, especially when the sauce was mopped up with extra bread.
    • The extra bread was a smart move, the sauces on everything were fantastic… order more bread!
  • Coquilles St. Jacques: This one was one of my wife’s favorite. The scallops were seared to perfection, offering a texture and flavor that was fantastic. They also crushed it with the presentation.
  • Sweetbreads a la Plancha: Tender and rich in flavor, this dish was an absolute must-have.
  • Frog Legs Buffalo: Tender and flavorful, these frog legs required (you guessed it) more bread for the sauce!.

The only slight miss of the evening was the Frites. While crispy, they lacked the seasoning expected in such an upscale environment. A dash of truffle, pepper, or salt could have elevated them to the level of the other dishes.

Main Courses

  • Liberty Farms Duck Confit: This is some of the best duck I have ever had. Full of flavor and cooked perfectly. The accompanying potatoes were equally impressive. Soft and well seasoned, they paired perfectly with the duck.
  • Brown Butter Parisian Gnocchi: The top dish of the evening. These gnocchi were a crazy good, melting in the mouth with a flavor. My wife’s choice (she never misses), were definitely the main recommendation if you plan to visit.

Wrapping Up

Our dinner at Augie’s was an amazing experience. The combination of a fantastic atmosphere, great service, and extraordinary food earned a perfect score from me across the board.

For those planning a visit, I highly recommend the Liberty Farms Duck Confit and, of course, the escargot. And if you find yourself indecisive at the vast array of choices, the Brown Butter Parisian Gnocchi is a guaranteed winner.


Parking in downtown Santa Rosa is paid until 6pm except for Sundays so plan to park in a lot. Street parking is hard to come by especially in the evening.

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